Cheddar Chili Cornbread Pasta Bake. {Dinner Tomorrow.}

Cheddar Chili Cornbread Pasta Bake. {Dinner Tomorrow.}

Oh hi. Me again.

Back with more chili . Hope you’re not sick of it yet.

Actually, scratch that.

I do hope you’re sick of it. Because this is the perfect recipe to change up your leftovers. It was completely spontaneous and happened at nearly 8 o’clock at night.

For some reason, this tasted so good to me that I ended up eating a bowl for breakfast the next day. I love me some chili, but the thought of one more steaming bowl this week had my appetite flying out the window. This was perfectly comforting and a great way to use up what I didn’t freeze. And I didn’t know if it was possible, but all of that meat got even more tender after baking.

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