Kadanja Keerai / Mashed Greens

Kadanja Keerai / Mashed Greens

Keerai is my favourite. During my school days, My Lunch Box will be packed up with some Green Dish and Curd Rice. I just love to eat Keerai. My mom Prepares different dishes with Greens / Keerai.

Kadaintha Keerai,

Paal Keerai,

Paruppu Keerai,

Keerai Kuzhambu,

Keerai Sambhar,

Keerai Adai,

Keerai Vadai,

Keerai Poriyal.

The above are all the one's that i remember here to mention. Of all these, My vote is for Keerai Pappu or. Paruppu Keerai and Keerai Sambhar. But the one that iam sharing today, Kadanja Keerai is also my favourite, only when my mom prepares it. yes, spicyness and tanginess should be in correct proportion for this dish. My mom makes it so Good.

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