Make Your Own Marshmallows

Make Your Own Marshmallows

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It’s a nice three day weekend here in the US and I thought it would be fun to make something with my daughter. I browsed through some of my favorite blogs this morning and came across a fun idea on The Prairie Homestead blog. It’s about making homemade marshmallows and they look absolutely delicious.Gotta love a recipe post that starts out like this:

Unless you have superb self-control,

You are really good at hiding things from yourself…You know they’re really good after an intro like that. I can’t wait to try them. We’ll see if there’ll be enough leftover to roast over the fire tomorrow night. I have my doubts. But then, the recipe doesn’t sound too complicated, so I’m sure I could make another batch tomorrow.Click through to her post to find out exactly how you can make these tasty treats.

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