Saucy Wings, Two Ways

Saucy Wings, Two Ways

Well guys, two of my football teams lost this weekend and I’m about to throw up my hands and give up on the Super Bowl.

I mean really, the Saints and Packers couldn’t pull it off, and as much as I normally cheer for the underdogs I have “connections” to those other two teams and, well, they just didn’t win.  That leaves one more chance with the Patriots or else I’ll just bury myself in the inevitable mountain of Super Bowl food and live for the commercials like I did once upon 2 years ago.

I thought things had changed!  Turns out I’m kind of a bad sport when my team loses.  And now commence the pouting.


  • 1 bag frozen chicken wings (you want them to not be cooked or breaded or fried)
  • 1 quart buttermilk
  • salt and pepper
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