Complimentary 17-page Cookbook Preview

Complimentary 17-page Cookbook Preview

Update: The presale event is live and the 17-page preview is no longer available. Now, you CAN pick up a copy of my new book here .


To celebrate, I’ve created a complimentary 17-page cookbook preview, complete with 3 recipes from my book, sample cleanse program and a couple of simple tools you can use to incorporate more healthy choices into your life, right now.

When you sign up for the exclusive presale, you will gain access to the 17-page preview, receive an invitation to our March 18 presale and get earlybird access to our upcoming 8 weeks of giveaways event.


  • Never waste juice pulp again with these 10 tasty ways to use it up
  • I show you how to juice without a juicer
  • Simple breakdown of the juicer that’s right for you and your budget
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