Gluten-free in NYC Part I

Gluten-free in NYC Part I

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I’ve already eaten at some of the best gluten-free friendly restaurants that New York City has to offer and after this post today, I’ll still have at least 3 more restaurants to share with you.

To anyone living with allergies and traveling to New York in the future – don’t worry… NYC has your back.

Let’s go through a couple of my favorite finds, shall we?

Raw vegan goodness: Pure Food and Wine

Pure Food and Wine is one of three raw food eating spots in New York that are owned by One Lucky Duck founder, Sarma Melngailis. What I love about Sarma is that she’s created a company with the intention of inspiring a shift. She’s said that she wants to make things better – for people, animals, and the earth – not just in small ways, but in big ways too. Now that’s a restaurant and vision I can get behind.

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