What to Pack for a Camping Trip

What to Pack for a Camping Trip


Good morning! I’m getting pretty excited for my visit to the Stampede later today. It looks like it’s going to be a hot and sunny day – I may actually get to wear my cowboy hat down to the grounds, yeeha!

It’s hard to believe we were on our way home from camping in Cypress Hills this time last week. After I posted a couple of pictures of our trip, many of you asked me to compile a list of our gear to help you plan for your Summer camping trips. While I’m no expert in the art of camping, I have managed to collect quite an exorbitant amount of camping gear and tips over the years and couldn’t be happier to share them with you!


  • 4 person tent – trick is to always double what you have. 2 people camping = 4 person tent
  • Sleeping bags good to -20C
  • Inflatable pillows
  • Filtered water
  • Extra blankets
  • Large water carrier for cooking and cleaning dishes
  • Small container for cleaning dishes
  • Cooking shelter
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