Canadian Derby Half Marathon Recap

Canadian Derby Half Marathon Recap

1 year of preparation, 1 torn patella, 56+ hours of physical therapy, 190 mile drive, multiple bowls of rice pasta, sprinkled with a couple moments of fear… and I’m officially a * half marathon finisher* .

Yes, you read that right – I finished it.

I was majorly doubting my ability to complete this race. I’d tried to run 5km on Wednesday, got 1.25km in and was hit with sharp knee pain. Not exactly the best “last run” before a race.

In an effort to keep active but also let my body recover , I hit the pool on Friday and Saturday for 30 minutes each. Thankfully, it worked… and also reminded me how much I miss swimming.


  • Propelling my leg behind me — learned that this can cause some massive groin issues. Never again.
  • Push myself a bit harder: aim for a faster pace when training. — I pushed myself so hard there were moments I thought I was going to puke.
  • Continue to square off my hips — mastered!
  • Send my knee some positive thoughts! — I was sending my entire body positive thoughts and energy throughout the entire race… especially the last 5km.
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