Impromptu Dinner Party

Impromptu Dinner Party

I wasn’t comfortable having people over for dinner before starting the blog. I always thought the meal would end up burnt, undercooked, or just plain bad tasting.

But like they say, practice makes perfect. While I might not be perfect, I am definitely a lot more confident. Plus, it doesn’t hurt having a blog filled with a collection of my favorite recipes to fall back on.

When my sister invited herself and her boyfriend over for dinner last night I knew I had what it took to whip up something pronto.


  • Herby chicken rub
  • Slow baked omega yams
  • Vegan coleslaw – will have to remake this recipe, I didn’t write it down!
  • In a jiffy bean salad
  • Maple balsamic Dijon greens salad
  • Vegan dark chocolate ice cream
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