Sesame Socca Crackers + Creamy Tahini Salad

Sesame Socca Crackers + Creamy Tahini Salad

Holy moly! It’s March already, can you believe it?

Let’s kick it off with some awesome eats.

I rarely enjoy raw veggies during the winter [its too darn cold!], but today is an exception. Some days a girl just needs her raw veg.

And other days, she needs hemp. Lot’s of hemp.

Lucky for me, I’ll never run out of hemp thanks to Sarah over at Manitoba Harvest !

Manitoba Harvest was kind enough to send me a package [of my dreams] of:

Shelled hemp seeds [organic]

Hemp oil [organic]

Hemp pro fiber [organic]


  • There’s cane sugar in the dark chocolate and vanilla protein powders when it really, really doesn’t need to be. Although it’s a small amount, we have enough sugar in our foods as is. Since protein powders are normally added to shakes, or with milk, I don’t think the sugar would be missed.
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