Roast pumpkin, manchego & honey paprika dressing

Roast pumpkin, manchego & honey paprika dressing

When I was thinking of what recipe to make and share after our travels through Spain, I immediately thought of a slow-cooked dish. Rabbit, beef, beans, chorizo – something along those lines.

And then I came across a recipe that jumped right out at me. A recipe by chef José Pizarro; and it’s far from being meaty or slow cooked.

When I think of Spanish food, vegetables aren’t the first things that spring to mind. What this recipe is, even though I’ve adapted it somewhat, is a gathering of simple ingredients – with not an ounce of flesh in sight.

It’s a cinch to make, doesn’t take long to cook and is ideal as a side dish – or entire meal on its own. Admittedly I’d need to team it with plenty of crusty bread and extra virgin olive oil, should I have it as a meal.

Golden wedges of naturally sweet pumpkin, rings of bright red bullhorn pepper, cloves of creamy roasted garlic and the aroma of rosemary wafting around it.

The added extras of crunchy roasted walnuts and shavings of manchego cheese make it even more tasty, and that dressing ties it all together beautifully – an emulsion of cider vinegar, oil, honey and smoky paprika.

So sit back at your rustic wooden table beneath an arbor weighed down with fruiting grapevines – in the Spanish countryside, of course – sip on a vino Español and tuck into a plate of these veggies!

Adapted from a José Pizarro recipe.


Roast pumpkin, manchego & honey paprika dressing

A delicious way to serve your pumpkin - Roasted and topped with manchego cheese & honey-paprika dressing. The perfect side dish or a meal on its own.




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