Banana split smoothie

Banana split smoothie

The other day when I was driving Meghan to school, I said, “Brrrrr!  Where did this cold weather come from?”

She replied, deadpan, “It is winter, you know.”

What would I do without the logic of my four-year-old?  Thanks for the reality check, kid. I sure hope Mr. Groundhog was right and spring weather is on its way because I am so over winter.

This healthy smoothie is my way of bringing a little summer flavor to a cold and drab winter.  In the town where I grew up, the thing to do in the summer after a soccer or baseball game was to head to Dairy Queen for a treat.  The cool thing to get was a Blizzard, but I was all about the banana split.  It had all of my favorite flavors together:  banana, strawberry, chocolate, and peanut.

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