How dinner went down:  February 19th-25th

How dinner went down: February 19th-25th

Welcome to your weekly peek into my kitchen at dinner time.  This was my first full week going dairy-free.  It hasn’t been too difficult to find my go-to recipes without dairy, but a week without cheese is still a sad week in my book.  Nonetheless, there was some serious tastiness for dinner this week.  Check it out.

Black Pepper and Molasses Pulled Chicken from Cooking Light.  I’ve made this recipe countless times and we love it.  It’s a quick and easy one that I especially like because it calls for chicken thighs.  When you’re buying organic chicken, using thighs and legs is a huge money saver.  We had these on sprouted whole grain buns with simply roasted cauliflower and some melon on the side.  Luke decided he wanted to be fed right in the middle of dinner prep, which led to me slightly burning the chicken mixture.  It was still good, but not nearly as good as it usually is.  If you decide to try this recipe, don’t leave out the pickle!  It is totally necessary.

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