Pack-and-Go Picnic Proof Recipes (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free)

Pack-and-Go Picnic Proof Recipes (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free)

Over 25 healthy gluten-free and grain-free recipes that are picnic proof.

Grab your picnic basket and blanket, because it’s that time of year again; time to head outdoors and enjoy those beautiful sunshine-filled days of summer.

A sunny day is the perfect excuse to pack up a picnic basket and enjoy the great outdoors while we can, because before you know it we’ll be picking out pumpkins, and putting on socks and sweaters while we plan our holiday menus.

Whether you’re headed down to the park, a long hike, or a day at the beach you want your food to survive the trip which is why I’ve rounded-up some of my favorite picnic-friendly recipes that are easy to make ahead, are best eaten cooled or at room temperature and don’t mind being packed up.

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