grain-free flour blend

grain-free flour blend

Remember this gluten-free sourdough bread I showed you the other day? The one from our upcoming cookbook, American Classics Reinvented?

If you help fully fund our Kickstarter to bring the Gluten-Free Girl Flour Blends to market, you can make this sourdough bread yourself, with our grain-free flour blend.

We really love the grain-free flour blend we’ve developed. We think you will too.

About two years ago, I started hearing from a few readers, asking for help. More requests arrived in my inbox, then more. These gluten-free folks had discovered, through various means, that their health improved if they avoided all grains, not just gluten. Some of them did better without all those easy sources of carbohydrates. Others felt the inflammation plaguing them still remaining after giving up gluten seemed to disappear when they gave up grains. Some had started committing to the Paleo diet and saw a big shift in their health and well-being. Others suffered from Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis and found their guts just couldn’t take whole grains anymore.

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