Lightened-Up Chicken Salad

Lightened-Up Chicken Salad

I have this habit of forgetting about grapes.

As in, I have this habit of forgetting that grapes exist.

Do you ever do that with foods?  Like, totally go for months without eating or seeing a certain food anywhere, and then suddenly it pops up on a random cheese platter and you realize that — oh my gosh — I totally forgot about grapes!  And I forgot how much I freaking love grapes!?

This exact scenario just might have happened to me while we were in New Zealand.  And ever since we got home, I have been on a mission to make up for all of this lost time that apparently lapsed with me and grapes.  Which means that I may have over-purchased a bit.  And that my fridge may been transformed into a virtual vineyard.  And I may now be racking my brain for all sorts of different ways to use these puppies up.

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