The Hiatus, Hiatus in Cocktails & Coconuts

The Hiatus, Hiatus in Cocktails & Coconuts

Passionfruit Mojito at Almost Famous, Pai

Six weeks and roughly 12 cocktails later (and a month of processing). Not too shabby.

The hiatus was technically a vacation, after all, and there were plenty of cold beers and coconuts to partake in for the sake of sheer enjoyment and to break the glistening heat.

Generally speaking, cocktails were much, much sweeter than what I was used to, though that was often balanced out by being mixed with freshly squeezed juice and those gorgeous, tropical fruits. I could see myself returning and gloriously pulling off a raw diet of rambutans, mangosteens, dragonfruit, passionfruit, papaya, pineapple (and baby pineapple!), lychees, longans, watermelon, coconuts and even some durian to keep things exciting. Cocktail prices in Thailand and Cambodia ranged from $1-4, on average (and were nearly always in USD in Cambodia, as is the favored currency, with riels typically being used as change for a dollar).

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