Belated Vegan Eats…Austin, Texas edition

Belated Vegan Eats…Austin, Texas edition

Really, this is Part II of Spring’s Austin Cocktail Round-up.

Better late than never, right?

Pretty much. I’ve been devouring travel blogs lately and finding them incredibly encouraging and useful (& hilarious) while researching an upcoming adventure, so the way I see it, if this inspires just one more person to head to Austin for vegan tacos, then all the better. That’s kind of the point.

I mean, I could continue to let these photos sit in my Flickr, horribly lacking tags in a giant album and being forgotten, or I could totally share them and reinforce the growing opinion that Austin is the new vegan ‘it’ city. Because, frankly, if the following gives you a quick, mult-day glance into its current vegan scene, (which has no doubt, grown since my time in February) you’ll see that it’s true.

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