How Does My Garden Grow – Late Spring Checkin

How Does My Garden Grow – Late Spring Checkin

It’s June 2nd…and wow!

When I stop and look at my gardens….it is simply amazing. I created it! It hasn’t been easy work (it’s filthy, sweaty and dirty, right?) but the satisfaction is huge.

Nasturtiums from seed take a while, but it is SO worth it!These are the Alaska Mix. Pretty and edible.

Lupine coming into flower.

Thornless blackberries, coming into their 3rd year, the canes are covered in pink blooms.

Two happy boys on their quad, checking out the back 40 😉

Bunching Onions – first harvest 2 weeks ago. I had grown them from seed and had a real issue. I made bad choices on starting soil/feeding/not big enough pots but somehow they survived…and I planted them in a small corner, figuring if they died, no loss. Well…..they are doing great. And tasty!

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