food crush: nothin' but granola cookies

food crush: nothin' but granola cookies

I realize that my last post was about a cookie... and a crush. Really, we'll get back to savory stuff soon. And I promise to stop swooning over sweet things. I promise. But in the meantime, I must share this little find because it is soooo good. (And we all know that when something delicious, easy, and made with real ingredients, there's a high likelihood that I'll develop one of my crushes...)

Just about every Saturday, we drive several hours to ski.

And while this makes our Saturday outings look very sexy/dramatic, the normal gig is: waking up really early... quickly popping a hearty breakfast of something I made ahead like protein pancakes or a frittata down 4 hatches... assembling a picnic lunch... piling the kids and all of our season rental ski equipment into the car.... and driving several hours with my 6-year-old dictating what we'll listen to on the radio. Because the food at the local mountain is pretty nasty (unless you're a fan of blue sports drinks, chicken tenders and hot dogs), I load up on healthier, yummier options.

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