5 Essentials for Your Road Trip Survival Kit

5 Essentials for Your Road Trip Survival Kit

Ensure the survival of everyone's sanity in the car on your next family road trip with these 5 Essentials for Your Road Trip Survival Kit...

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We are gearing up for our last big family road trip of the summer & heading to the Midwest next week (Be sure to give me on a follow on Instagram to discover exactly where we will be traveling to & to follow along with our travel adventures!). Our hotel rooms are booked, the route to our destinations have been plugged into the GPS, our itineraries are just about finalized, & I am starting to throw together our road trip survival kit. And yes, I said survival. Because it is ALL about the survival of everyone's sanity when there is a restless 5 year old in the backseat. ;)

In addition to the usual road trip must-haves (think coloring books & crayons, snacks, water bottles, headphones for each member of the family, etc.), I will also be adding the 5 essentials listed below to my family's road trip survival kit...

#1. An Audible Subscription.

When it comes to family road trips, it is key to make sure that everyone in the car is happy, content, & entertained. This is where Audible comes into play. With Audible, each member of the family can download & enjoy their favorite audiobooks on their iPhone, Android device, Fire tablet, iPod, or mp3 player. For a low monthly fee, I can sign up my kiddos, myself, & the husband as Audible Listeners which in turn gives us book credits & access to short programs that are available in Channels each month.

Personally, I like to download my favorite historical books- both fiction & non-fiction- to my Audible account to keep me enthralled & entertained on those extra long summer road trips. I dive right into the stories and lives of the characters & get a few moments to drown out the constant "are we there yet?" coming from the backseat. ;)

Ready to make Audible a part of your road trip survival kit? CLICK HERE to get started with your free 1-month trial.

#2. IHOP Pit Stop.

No matter where you are traveling to or what time of the day it may be, IHOP locations nationwide have been open & ready to serve weary road trippers 24 hours a day for the past 59 years. Whether you and your family are craving all day breakfast grub or just need a moment out of the car to get refreshed & refocused, IHOP should be your go-to pit stop on your next family road trip. What better way to create & celebrate road tripping memories with the family than over a stack of their world-famous Original Buttermilk Pancakes? :)

#3. A Roll of T-Rex Tape.

With its 3 layers of super-durable, extra thick, & weather resistant materials, T-Rex Tape is quickly going to become the Swiss army knife of your road trip survival kit. This isn't your average duct tape, folks. T-Rex Tape's super aggressive adhesive sticks to all types of surfaces (even gritty & dirty!) no matter what the humidity level or how hot or cold it is outside. 

Busted zipper or rip in your suitcase or duffel bag? T-Rex Tape to the rescue! Is your road trip taking you on a camping trip? Keep the T-Rex Tape handy for quick fixes outdoors like repairing a tear in a tent or closing that cooler full of food up tight to keep out those nightly wildlife visitors. 

Ready to add T-Rex Tape (aka, seriously strong duct tape) to your road trip survival kit? CLICK HERE to find out where you can stock up on T-Rex Tape. 

#4. A Well Stocked Snack Supply, including Chops Snacks Jerky.

One thing you can never have enough of in your road trip survival kit is snacks... all of the snacks. How many times do we hear "I'm hungry" & "I want a snack" on a family road trip? The solution? Have ready-made snacks easily at your disposal for when the endless string of snack attacks happen.

We always make sure that a couple of packets of Chops Beef Jerky is included when we pack our snacks for a road trip. I love that Chops Jerky is all-natural & made from USDA Choice & Select beef brisket. My youngest loves how easy it is to chew. Road tripping when you're a kid is a tough enough; their beef jerky shouldn't be too. ;)

Ready to toss in a couple of packets of Chops Beef Jerky into your family's road trip survival kit? You can find Chops on Amazon, at Albertsons in Texas, New Seasons Market and New Leaf Markets in Northern California & Oregon, & Fairway Markets in New York City. You can save 20% off your first order when you purchase your beef jerky directly from the Chops Snacks website & use the code 5CHN79Z7Q at checkout.

#5. Cube-tastic! 3x3 Puzzle Cube.

Want to keep the kiddos entertained for a good long while on your next road trip? Then be sure to toss a Cube-tastic! 3x3 Puzzle Cube into your road trip survival kit! :) The Cube-tastic! is like the classic toy Rubiks cube you remember from your childhood, but with a techy twist that today's kids will love.

After downloading the free app, the cube-tastic's software creates a scan of the cube & then an easy to follow step-by-by tutorial making it perfect for the younger ones. Not only will the puzzle cube help your kiddos stay entertained, but they will also be gaining & improving on their problem-solving skills, memory, & hand-eye coordination. The durable Cube-tastic! 3x3 Puzzle Cube is made from non-toxic & BPA free materials, so mom & dad can feel good about putting this cube into the littlest of hands.

You can add the Cube-tastic! 3x3 Puzzle Cube to your family's road trip survival kit by CLICKING HERE. And be sure to use code CUBETRIP at checkout to save 15% off your order!

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