"Maggi Blue" (Sweets & Meats Market)

"Maggi Blue" (Sweets & Meats Market)

Today’s sandwich is the “Maggi Blue” from Sweets & Meats Market in Rockland. It combines liver pate, brie cheese, whole grain mustard, and lettuce on a baguette.

Location: 218 Main Street, Rockland


Notes: It seems like there are two main types of people who get into the food business. There are the cynics, who coldly calculate that it will take 16 months to break even on adding a commercial French Fry cooker to their business, assuming they can sling at least ten orders of Sisco crinkle-cuts per day at a 600% markup, and if it doesn’t work out, well, they can always use it to deep fry the chicken tenders.

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