Today’s Sandwich: Haddock Sliders (Len’s Fish & Chips)

Today’s Sandwich: Haddock Sliders (Len’s Fish & Chips)

By Malcolm Bedell

Today’s sandwich is the “Haddock Slider” from Len’s Fish and Chips. It features twin haddock sandwiches on butter-griddled buns with tartar sauce on the side.

Location: 17 Bow Street, Brunswick

Price: $6.99

*Notes: * In general, I’m not crazy about the “slidification” of sandwiches. First, it’s technically inaccurate; a “slider” isn’t a small sandwich, it’s a two ounce hamburger steamed over a bed of onions, specific to the diner culture of New Jersey (but more on that later). Little itty bitty lobster rolls, cheesesteaks, buffalo chicken, pulled pork, and grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t sliders. They’re tiny sandwiches. If you want to eat four sandwiches, that’s fine, but I think you should cop to it, and not try to mentally comfort yourself by thinking that, because you only had “sliders” for lunch, that you are on the path to any sort of physical fitness.

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