Spicy Okra Masala / Bhindi Masala

Spicy Okra Masala / Bhindi Masala

The not-so-loved okra has got all the make-over in this recipe to get at its best with the flavorful Indian spices! 

I told you in my last post that I am playing safe, didn’t I? And I proved it again! 

I am sharing yet another household recipe of mine – the spicy okra masala or bhindi (as in okra) masala as we call it. I make this quite frequently because of my and my husband’s eternal love for Okra! (So okra is a very-much-loved veggie in our home you see!)

You may not like okra because of its laces and I can’t blame you. That’s a not-so-loving characteristic of okra anyway. But before cooking, if you wash and dry them using a kitchen towel, they will get a lot better.

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