Friday Faves

Friday Faves

Ho Ho and a Merry Yo to you my fine Friday Friends!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s Christmas. And to think that last week I was lamenting over whether to put a tree up at all.

Why? Ugh. Dragging out all the Christmas crap, then having it up for a shorter amount of time due to holiday travel, and then having to put it all back away again.

But I got over it. Because I gave myself a break. This year, instead of feeling like I have to do all the deckering, all the attending, and all the presenting, I’m going  to just go half way this season. Because it’s more important to BE present instead of to GIVE presents. So if you don’t get a holiday card from me this year (oh wait…that’s been every year for the past few) don’t be alarmed Because I’d rather be eating my holiday cookies with those I love instead of worrying about going each and every cookie swap I’m invited to.

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