Plum-Berry Upside-Down Skillet Cobbler

Plum-Berry Upside-Down Skillet Cobbler

You may find this hard to fathom but about half of these photos are from 2012. Yes, I have waited that long to post this recipe. And I don’t quite know why, as it is a good one. Easy, seasonal, thrifty and really quite luscious for a food to glow pudding. It won’t be luscious compared to a Nigella or Mary Berry recipe – what with the lower sugar, fat, and blatant lack of icing. But if your tastes run to the healthy then this might seem quite a treat. I know it does for me. But then again, I don’t get out much.

The method is incredibly easy and no special equipment or ingredients are required. I have given slightly more esoteric options should you wish them, but your everyday baking arsenal is fine, too. Not everyone just happens to have a jar of coconut sugar or a tub of coconut oil.

As to how to top this cobbler, I try and always let the fruit do the talking – no overly sweet batter to mask perfectly ripe, seasonal fruit. The fruit is front and centre in this topsy-turvy pudding.

This year my Victoria plum tree has outdone itself. Often times it is fairly skimpy but every few years the crop is quite a whopper and I end up begging neighbours to take some off our hands. One year I had a laundry basket’s worth. Quite a lot for a single, small tree. Some fruits go in the freezer, some get eaten as they are, some go for chutney and compote. And of course some go in sweet bakes like this. But looking at the tree today I know that I won’t be able to deal with the fruit fast enough, and that by the week’s end I will be leaving little bulging bags on door steps, hoping the recipients aren’t also similarly burdened with rapidly ripening produce.

Now, what to do with all of my unripened tomatoes….

Plum-Berry Upside-Down CobblerServings: 4-6

Time: 10 minutes prep and 40 minutes baking time

Difficulty: easy


Once you’ve had your fill of late summer berries and plums, try this.

I’ve made this on both a barbeque grill and in the oven, with equally delicious results. Use plums, mirabelles, greengages, brambles, and even throw in some seasonal English cobnuts if they are around. This recipe gives you a good-natured, thick batter to sink in whatever fruit looks good to you right now. Where you bake it is up to you!

80g (1/3 c) butter or coconut oil, softened + 2 tsp for the skillet, or use oil spray


  • 80g (1/3 c) butter or coconut oil, softened + 2 tsp for the skillet, or use oil spray
  • 100g (3/4 c) spelt or AP flour (I have also used home-ground quinoa flour* with good results)
  • ¾ tsp almond or vanilla essence
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