Sunday Reflections 17 – “The Mind Connection” Review

Sunday Reflections 17 – “The Mind Connection” Review

Hello Sunday friends!

Today is not your typical Sunday reflection in the sense that I am not going to talk about what God has been teaching me this past week, but I want to talk about an AWESOME book that I just read, and share what I’ve learned from reading it.

It’s called “The Mind Connection” by Joyce Meyer (do you follow me on Facebook? If yes, you know that I LOVE her!)

This book, like the cover says is about “how the thoughts you chose affect your mood, behavior and decisions.”

Before reading this book, I never really, like EVER, thought about what I’m thinking about…if that makes sense. Thoughts would just roll in and out of my brain, whether or not they be positive or negative, and I would just sort of go along with them.

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