Blue Coffee Pot is for Settlers.

Blue Coffee Pot is for Settlers.

Blue Coffee Pot Restaurant 

US Highways 160 and 163

Kayenta, Arizona, 86033

Phone: (928) 697-3396

When I say this restaurant is for settlers, it's basically because the choices for dining, in Kayenta, are few.  The structure of Blue Coffee Pot resembles the female style Navajo Hogan; the interior is bright with rustic decor upon shelves (love the antique hutch in the entry way with the coffee pots).

Be warned, this restaurant only takes cash.

We went here after having a quick tour through Navajo National Monument, didn't want fast food, and wanted to try someplace different.  After being seated, we noticed other diners, but they were very quiet, looking down at their food and eating.  The atmosphere inside, though bright lighting, seemed a bit depressing.  Our party of three were very talkative about our day out, so we were making the most noise.  Upon leaving, we were laughing, held a door open for a Navajo woman, said a cheerful hello to her, and she seemed shocked at our behavior.

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