3 Ingredient Berry Sangria Recipe

3 Ingredient Berry Sangria Recipe





3 Ingredient Berry Sangria Recipe made in just minutes, perfect for Summer, and can be made sugar free too!

It´s Summer, well officially only later this week, but for the sake of this post let´s just say it´s already is. For the last few days we´ve had some sun in the mornings and I absolutely love going out to our patio to soak up the morning sun and enjoy a cup of coffee while checking my social media.

In the weekends when we don´t have a ton of things planned, I love sitting on the same patio sipping a coctail like this 3 ingredient berry sangria recipe. It´s so easy to make (it literally takes a few minutes) and you´ve got yourself a very tasty sangria recipe! Living here in Spain I´ve had my fair shares of Tinto de Veranos (now these I love! Here in Gran Canaria they are normally made with Schweppes lemon & red wine – so so good!) & Sangrias.


  • A handful frozen berries (fresh works too but then you would need to add ice)
  • 0.5 Cup wine (rose or white is my favourite in this berry sangria recipe)
  • 1 Cup 7-Up (light for a lighter version or use tonic water with a natural sugar like Honey, Agave or Stevia for a healthier version)
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