Top 10 ways to grow your blog

Top 10 ways to grow your blog

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Top 10 ways to grow your blog!In this post I show you ways how to grow your blog organically and to take your blog to a new, more professional level. These are all ways that I´ve learnt along the way and I hope they help you to grow your blog!

The most imporant thing that I´ve learnt is to make solid connections. Be it with your readers or fellow Bloggers. Not only will your blog grow, you will have fun while doing it!

CONNECT WITH YOUR READERSWhen I started blogging, I realised that some Bloggers that I followed here in Spain, where I live, did not reply to the comments of their followers. At first I thought that this was the norm but the more I investigated it and learnt about blogging, the more I realised that it was indeed good etiquette to reply to comments on your blog. Side note: I started to blog in both English and Spanish because I wanted to share my recipes with the people here in Spain too. Since then I´ve realised that my main target market is English speaking people, in English speaking countries. Blogging in two languages is also very time consuming and complicated but that´s a post for another day..

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