Entertaining | Clambake 2010

Entertaining | Clambake 2010

We held the 4th annual (gasp!) Clambake at our home over Memorial Day Weekend. As always, it was a fun night full of great food, family and friends.

I snipped some blue hydrangeas from my plants and used a lot of votives, pillar candles, sage green plates and white linen napkins.

The hydrangea plants are doing well! I created this planter from stones I found around our property.

Samantha and her parents - her first clambake! We started the night with a bruschetta platter :She was dressed perfectly for the occasion - baby madras and her mizzou rattle. Our friend Caroline... note the beginning of the navy and white theme - never planned, but always happens! Katie and Julie... more navy and white!Cocktail hour - Mr. Darcy is looking for any dropped bruschetta.

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