Raspberry yogurt

Raspberry yogurt

Just when I thought I escaped this year’s flu and cold season, it got me. It’s almost May and I have a fever, am coughing my lungs out and need just one word to describe my current state: miserable.

Time to get me some extra vitamins! I’ve written about how ridiculously easy it is to make your own fruit yogurt a few weeks ago, and this raspberry yogurt is no exception.

Now, I know some of you are thinking: Opening a pack of fruit yogurt is still easier than making your own, Eva!

And you might be right. Making the fruit purée costs about 1 minute, not to mention the 30 seconds it takes to mix it with the actual yogurt. So that’s 1,5 minute of time you could possibly save. But at least now you know all you’re eating is 100% fruit and 100% yogurt. Nothing else. And frankly, if you don’t have 1,5 minute to spare, I’m not sure what you’re doing on a cooking blog ;-)


  • 75 gr (1/3 cup) raspberries (frozen or fresh)
  • 6 tbsp greek yogurt
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