13 Spring Recipes

13 Spring Recipes

With spring finally kicking in, you probably crave different food. No more heavy stews or big pot roasts, but something a bit lighter. I know I do.

I’d love to say that’s all seasonal changing and just how we roll.

But, I’ve got to admit, knowing that bikini season is around the corner also makes me want to skip the hefty food a bit (bikini’s are so unforgiving ;-)

And because we (including myself) can probably all use some kitchen inspiration, I’ve gone deep (very deep, I have the crappy pictures to prove it) into the Eva in the Kitchen archives and found 13 perfect spring recipes. The pictures might be ugly (or at least, really not up to my current standards), but the recipes are still as tasty as they were when I published them. Even for food the old saying still counts: Beauty is only skin deep!

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