A Chicken in Every Pot ala My Bizzy Kitchen

A Chicken in Every Pot ala My Bizzy Kitchen

This post could be a $100 Christmas gift to you...

Just yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers had a small paragraph in her daily post...

I picked off all the meat, I threw the skin and bones into the chicken broth and let it simmer for 45 minutes before straining it – holy cow was this broth flavorful!  The best part was that Tony loved it!

Funny thing happened to me at the store yesterday.  I was walking by the deli department and they actually had a sale on rotisserie chicken.  Only $4.99 for an already cooked, fully seasoned chicken.  I snapped up 2!  Then, on the end cap of the very next aisle, I saw chicken stock on sale for $4.99 a quart.  Really???  Ponder that for a moment.  A fully cooked seasoned chicken is the same price as the stock you make from the bones??? Really???  I could get all philosophical on you, but really, what is wrong with this country?  No wonder houses are being foreclosed on.  Be cheap, be a cook, make your own stock and get a FREE chicken.

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