Rajasthani Red Chicken Curry

Rajasthani Red Chicken Curry

Featured in the Babble Family Kitchen.

Laal Maas or Red/Fiery Hot Meat Curry, is another well known authentic Rajasthani dish.

Traditionally goat meat/lamb is used to cook the Laal Maas, and is served with maize or millet flatbreads which are soft but crusty and smeared with a generous amount of butter. Since there are not many in my family who would appreciate lamb, I decided to play safe with the chicken, without changing any of the other ingredients or the process.

As the above name suggests, this is an intensely spicy dish and the warm vibrant red color of the curry comes from nothing but the chili peppers. You must have got it by now that this is not a dish for the “fainthearted”. While we were in India last month, I had the opportunity to experience this Laal Maas at a relative’s farm house. This was the first thing that I saw on the dinner table. The rich red shimmering curry made every other dish fade into oblivion. Even before we started the dinner,  I asked for the recipe. But the cook refused; he wanted me to try it first. I chickened out after one bite. I was positively  the “faint hearted”. The spice and the heat compared to nothing I have had before. Even the ice cream after dinner could not soothe my poor tongue.

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