Anarosher Chutney – Indian Spiced Pineapple Chutney

Anarosher Chutney – Indian Spiced Pineapple Chutney

Included in Gourmet Live’s Weekly Roundup: Pineapple Perfection

While the word “Chutney” is universally used, the word itself and the concept of this condiment is loaned from India. In general terms, Chutney can refer to anything from a simple relish, to pickles or even preserves and can be sweet or savory or a combination of all.

Back home, the state where I grew up, Chutney plays a more prominent role than just a condiment to complement food

A Bengali meal is incomplete without a Chutney, which is usually fruity and sweet and sometimes a combination of tart and sweet with a hint of spicy. And the Chutney or Chaatni (as we like to say it) elegantly ends the meal. Unlike in most other states in India, Bengali Chutneys are not usually eaten along with the meal; they are almost like a dessert, satisfying the sweet craving at the end of a big meal. The people from Bengal are known to have a sweet tooth (and I would like to add, that we are truly sweet and nice too ) . And the way the Chutney is  enjoyed is actually by licking your fingers clean. Yes touch the food, eat with your fingers.

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