Jalapeno Cheddar Hummus

Jalapeno Cheddar Hummus

This hummus, is quite simply, a party in your mouth.

I had been wanting to make my own spicy hummus for awhile now, but just adding jalapeno seemed rather boring. And so while I was driving back from yoga a couple days ago I started brainstorming out loud. I came up with “jalapeno chive hummus”, “jalapeno cilantro hummus”, “jalapeno white bean hummus” and then…. Jalapeno Cheddar Hummus .


Because what else goes so perfectly with jalapeno peppers other than freshly grated sharp cheddar cheese? You know and I know it. And the best part is that this hummus reminds me of jalapeno poppers in that it’s so ridiculously cheesy and delicious. Unlike jalapeno poppers, however, this cheesy appetizer can actually be considered healthy! Jalapenos are vegetables, right?

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