zucchini, bean & blue cheese salad with walnuts

zucchini, bean & blue cheese salad with walnuts

With this salad I put together two of my favourite vegetables – the zucchini and the green bean. The crumbled blue cheese and chopped walnuts take it to another level.

In keeping with the whole walnut vibe, I made the dressing using walnut oil. I haven’t used this ingredient much and find the flavour subtle and warm, working beautifully in a vinaigrette.

I wanted to use lemon instead of vinegar because I love zesty green beans. Dijon is must and a small addiction for me. A dash of honey gives it a smattering of sweetness which I feel it needs.


  • use roughly equal parts shaved zucchini ribbons to green beans (stalks trimmed)
  • blue cheese crumbled (about 40 g per portion) – I used Simonsberg Simonzola
  • roughly chopped raw walnuts ( a small handful per portion)
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