What We Spend on Food - April 2015

What We Spend on Food - April 2015

My grocery budget for a family of 4 is $330 each month. This real food budget includes food, toiletries, household items as well as health & beauty products. This post is our monthly budget accountability session, where we share what we spend on food. Today marks the end of April 2015. You can read previous Counting Crumbs reports HERE.


“Why hellooooooooo there budget accountability session? Where have you been these past few months, playing hookie?”

Yes, I’m sure the long-time readers have noticed that my monthly budget accountability sessions have been sparse for 2015. I promise I’m not avoiding the budget, in case the idea crossed your mind. But we have been going through life seasons (some planned, some not) that have ultimately affected our grocery budget and our monthly grocery budget check-ups.

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