Cranberry Ginger Cocktail & Mocktail

Cranberry Ginger Cocktail & Mocktail







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The Cranberry Ginger Cocktail or Mocktail is the perfect low calorie holiday drink! Fill up your punch bowl and get drinking!

Late fall is such an exciting and busy time of the year. It seems like once October hits, we have so many things going on and the time flies by! That’s why I like coming up with ideas of things I will make for the holidays, before the holidays sneak up on me.  Not only do we have Thanksgiving and Christmas around the end of the year, but we also have my oldest son’s birthday and my grandmother-in-law’s birthday. I definitely need to keep everything organized and stay on top of things.  Another thing I am always concerned about when the holidays come around are all the extra calories.  All the seasonal drinks, desserts, and decadent foods can really throw your healthy eating plans for a loop.  That’s why when I come up with recipes, I like to keep health in mind. This Cranberry Ginger Cocktail is the perfect easy cocktail, but if you aren’t drinking, you can use the mocktail version (no alcohol)!

For the first drink, the Cranberry Ginger Holiday Cocktail, I decided I want an festive alcoholic beverage. I plan a lot of holiday parties and I always find that it’s important to have something alcoholic, but also to offer a non-alcoholic counterpart.  This is why I decided to make a ‘mocktail’ for my second drink recipe – a Quick Cranberry Holiday Mocktail.

Both drinks turned out equally delicious. If you aren’t a fan of alcohol, you could even make the Cranberry Ginger Cocktail without alcohol. Same goes for the Quick Cranberry Holiday Mocktail because adding vodka or rum would compliment it well.


Cranberry Ginger Cocktail & Mocktail


  • 2 limes
  • 7 Up TEN
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