Guest Post: Easy DIY Onesies

Guest Post: Easy DIY Onesies

Today we have Carrie on the blog sharing a really fun DIY! I am so excited about this, because as y’all know, I just had a baby and these are SO cute! I think I am going to see if Carrie wants to send me some…because she did such an awesome time on these! I LOVE them! Lets take a look….


Hi, I’m Carrie and I blog about creating a lovely home for less at Lovely Etc.

While I adore being a wife and mom, I also have an insatiable need to create! I love figuring out how to make beautiful things – even if it means firing up a few power tools. And I am all about finding ways to create exactly what I want for as little money as possible. I usually have at least five or six DIY projects going on at any one time and they are pretty much guaranteed to involve an awesome yard sale find, my trusty jigsaw, or my vast collection of turquoise paints.

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