A Ciao Biscotti Giveaway!

A Ciao Biscotti Giveaway!

[Big hat tip to photographer Antonis Achilleos and the design team at Chronicle Books for the book images]

Ever since I started working on my first cookbook, more than a decade ago, I’ve made a promise to treat myself to a massage upon publication. Six books later, I still haven’t gotten one.

It is finally dawning on me that I may not actually want a massage. But I do want to celebrate the release of Ciao Biscotti, so let’s do something we can all enjoy:

I’m teaming up with the generous folks at Fante’s Kitchen Shop, in Philadelphia ~ where, incidentally, I’ll be doing a book signing on March 7. We’re giving away one copy of Ciao Biscotti, and, to go with it, one biscotti baking pan, which I wrote about recently.

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