Friday Eating & Reading

Friday Eating & Reading


What I’m reading and eating this week:

Sunday night was grilled soy-glazed pork chops (above) from HTCE, and wow, they were as good as ever. We served them with grilled peaches (cooked in something similar to this) and a chopped, leaf-less salad.

If everyone ate beans instead of beef.

I was cleaning out Abby’s shelves the other day to give away old books to parents with younger kids when I came upon The Hundred Dresses. I sat down and read it cover to cover (not super impressive considering it’s 1000 words long and easy enough for a second-grader) and decided it might be in the running for one of the most perfect childrens’ books ever written. (I know this is not new to anyone who has read our kids’ book coverage over the years.)

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