My Sous Vide Setup (2017 edition)

My Sous Vide Setup (2017 edition)

My Sous Vide Setup (2017 edition)Joule sous vide and LIPAVI Model C10 sous vide container

Sunday’s picture of sous vide salmon resulted in some questions about my sous vide setup. Here’s what I currently use:1

Joule Sous VideI love the compact Joule Sous Vide from the guys over at The downside? It only works through the Joule app. The upside? It works with the Amazon Echo dot I have in the kitchen, so I don’t even have to open my phone:

Video: Alexa and Joule []

The other downside is multiple Joules don’t work with the app. (Yet. ChefSteps says it is coming in an app update at some point in the future.) I do occasionally want to run more than one sous vide at once, so I’m keeping my Anova Sous Vide around until they get that fixed.

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