Wine Bottle Plant Watering Stakes

Wine Bottle Plant Watering Stakes

I am always saving my empty wine bottles. They are too lovely and useful to toss or put in the recycling can.

And if you are familiar with me and this blog, you know that I adore those flat vase filler marbles that I buy at the dollar store. You can also buy them in more color varieties at the craft store.

Add a little silicone glue, and I am in heaven. I will glass marble bedazzle everything outside!

I have to admit, I kind have a black thumb. Not much that I plant or try to grow makes it. Not because of me, but in spite of me, these flowers ended up getting nicely big for the last couple of weeks in my planters. These planters are resting on each side of my garage doors and not much survives in them. The garage seems to shield them from a lot of weather, but it also keeps them from getting all that natural watering that would keep my plants happy and healthy.

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