It's the Chex Mixiest Time of the Year

It's the Chex Mixiest Time of the Year

I get free samples from General Foods Cereals on a regular basis. Sometimes I use them in recipes.

Growing up, we weren't much of a breakfast family, particularly after I got old enough for school. My dad got up at the crack of dawn, had coffee, and headed to work before anyone else was up.

I got up, didn't have coffee, and headed off to school. Mom was still asleep, but it's a fair bet that she didn't make pancakes for herself.

Because of the general lack of breakfast foods in those formative years, I never developed a fondness for some of the most typical breakfast foods. My cereal preferences are pretty much limited to Cheerios and Chex. And while I don't mind French toast for lunch, the chance of me making it for breakfast is ... slim to none.

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