Chocolate Eclair in a Jar

Chocolate Eclair in a Jar

Chocolate Eclair in a Jar........ OMG these are good! Close

your eyes and you think you're eating a chocolate eclair... I swear!

I love desserts in a jar... So easy to make ahead for a gathering.... and I love the fact I can stack them in the fridge and dessert

doesn't take over my fridge.


The first and most important tip.... unfortunately... you must..

I repeat must.... let them set in the fridge overnight... the graham crackers

need time to absorb the moisture from the pudding and soften... because once

they soften.. something miraculous happens.. they begin to taste like pastry...

I break apart the graham crackers for the bottom.. but for

the top.. I just break off the tiny corner tips of the graham cracker and slip

it on top of the pudding.. so it's flat...the ganache lays nicer on top when

you do it that way.

I tried them with vanilla pudding.. and French vanilla

pudding.. and I must tell you... French vanilla takes it to a whole new


I use non-fat milk to make the pudding... just a habit.. and

a calorie and fat saving.. which is always a good thing!

To make the faux pastry cream.. you can use my original recipe for it.. or ... you can use light Cool Whip with the pudding... for this recipe I'd recommend you use the

light Cool Whip.. it works perfectly fine for this and .. again.. there's a calorie

and fat saving... so why not?

Don't fill the jar too much.. you don't want the top

touching the lid... otherwise when you take the lid off the ganache is on the

lid .. not the eclair... been there done that!

In order to get that chocolate ganache... simply use canned

frosting... and put some in a small bowl and nuke it in the microwave for about

20 seconds... stir and continue microwaving until it has melted and is runny...

that's it!  ... I only melt what I

need... and store the rest of the frosting in the fridge until I need more.

I set the grahams and pudding in the jar... put the lid on

them and let them set overnight.. I do the ganache after the graham has

softened... it's quick and easy.... then I replace the lid and pop them in the

fridge.... and they are done!.... ready to serve as soon as the ganache cools

and thickens.

I melt the chocolate frosting 2 tablespoons at a time.. so I

don't waste any... use what I need... and make more as I need it.

Yes...  I replaced the

lid as soon as I put the runny ganache on them.. it wasn't all that hot.. and I

didn't get any condensation on the inside of the lid.

Make as few or as many as you like... this recipe will 6


This is yummmmmmmmmy!

Recipe:  Chocolate Eclair in a


All you need:


  • 6 clean wide mouth jars with a lid
  • 1 pkg. (3.4 oz) JELL-O Instant French Vanilla Pudding
  • 1 cup light Cool Whip
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