Weekend Herb Blogging #439 Hosting

Weekend Herb Blogging #439 Hosting

This week Lucia from Torta di Rose will be hosting both the English and Italian editions of Weekend Herb Blogging .

While it's called Weekend Herb Blogging we don't limit ourselves to just posts dealing with herbs - we celebrate vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, flowers, grains - in fact if it is plant based, then we'll love to hear more.

Your posts can either be informative and/or include a recipe where your featured ingredient is the main ingredient of the dish. If you've found a new way to cook an old ingredient or discovered a new ingredient, you're more than welcome to share it with WHB.


  • 3pm Sunday - Utah Time
  • 10pm Sunday - London Time
  • 11pm Sunday - Rome Time
  • 7am Monday - Melbourne Time
Read the whole recipe on Cook (Almost) Anything At Least Once