Friday Fun!! Friday Fun!!

Friday Fun!! Friday Fun!!

Good morning guys!!

It’s Friday!!

This week, I did lots of stuff.

I made food.

I ate food.

And I’m officially 29 weeks pregnant!!

No photo this week yet, but trust me when I say that my belly is as big as a house.

Lucy kicks and wiggles constantly, and I feel great other than the occasional heartburn, sore back, or swollen hands and feet.

Jon David has started to get really excited. He talks to his sister through my belly button.  He originally wanted to talk to her through my mouth, but I shut that idea down very quickly.  He loves for me to lay down with him for a few minutes after tucking him in, so he can lay his hand on my belly and feel her kick after he asks her questions.  It’s really sweet, and hopefully something he always remembers.

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