Friday Fun!! Friday Fun!!

Friday Fun!! Friday Fun!!

It’s Friday, y’all!!

This week, I did lots of stuff.

I made food.

I ate food.


  • This week, I did lots of stuff.
  • Seriously, heartburn needs to go die somewhere.  Not cool, heartburn.  NOT COOL.
  • Also, not sure if you’ve heard, but THIS is totally turning my world upside down.  And I know people are all, “who’s business is it anyways, why do you even care” but I just DO, okay.  I am drawn to pop culture like others are drawn to politics, educational television, or jeans that are AT LEAST 3 sizes too small (I’m talking to YOU, teenagers at the mall)  NOTMYFAULTIWASBORNLIKETHIS
  • Speaking of politics, let’s talk about Chick Fil A!!
  • Just kidding.  That’s like, the worst idea ever.  Let’s let everyone ELSE talk about Chick Fil A, and stab each other, while we eat hot fudge sundaes and gossip about Kristen Stewart, hmmm???
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